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Saving time

Free updates and support

No need for specialized knowledge

CRM software is a practical tool for effective communication with customers

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Some advantages of cloud computing

With cloud computing technology, you don’t need any hardware other than your computer or laptop. You do not need to install, update, repair and maintain the software. All this is the responsibility of Serono. You will always use the latest version of the software.

Differences between cloud CRM software and installed CRM software

The place of installing the software on the servers of the software service provider on a server in your company’s internal network

How to access the software through the Internet from anywhere through your company’s internal network
The time required to set up in a few minutes by registering on the service provider’s site, spending time for: purchasing and setting up hardware equipment and internal network + purchasing and installing software on the server + providing security and setting up automatic backup mechanisms

Ensuring the security of information and providing a backup copy of the information by the service provider’s expert team, by the company’s internal team (if possible) or by an expert contractor who will be employed in this field.

Receive fully automatic updates by the service provider team, provide a new version by the software provider and update the software in cooperation with the supplier and the company’s internal team.

Advantages of cloud CRM (online)


The time interval that passes from your decision to start using CRM to the time you start using the software is much longer in the installation methods because you have to prepare the necessary hardware and network and install it in your company’s place, purchase the software. and install it and then start the settings and customizations you want in the software. In addition, if the security of your information is important to you, you should also implement mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access to your software server and automatic backup of information on another system. While in online methods, you can start working with the software in a few minutes to make your desired settings and customizations.

Saving costs

The initial cost required to start using the CRM software in the installed CRM mode is higher because you have to purchase the CRM software plus the required server (the server requirements will be different according to the software and the number of users in your collection). buy it But in using CRM based on cloud processing, you start using CRM by paying the subscription fee.
Also, the current costs of maintaining and protecting the purchased software (software support and manpower required for hardware and related network services) make the use of online CRMs more economical for organizations in the long run.

easy accessbility

You can access your cloud CRM software from anywhere in the world with your username and password according to the defined access level, so using the tool and viewing reports will not be limited to your workplace.

Information security (unauthorized access/destruction of information)

Contrary to the fact that at first glance it seems that the information security is more in the installation methods, it is not so because your cloud CRM service provider can provide a higher level of security for the servers by using expert forces whose task and expertise is to ensure information security. The service provider will bring you and prevent unauthorized access to your information. In addition, you can use

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